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about us.

Our mission is to help emerging brands scale intelligently into new markets.

Our Edge.



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Shared and Democratized Access to:






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The Algo Difference.

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We remove pain points for brand owners and create value together.

AlgoGroup leverages on a track record of owning or operating niche e-commerce platforms to achieve economies of scale on the costs of operations. We pass these cost synergies to our brand partners and then actively curate global sales channels to amplify the collective reach of our brands.

By passing cost and revenue synergies, sharing big-data insights, and parking growth capital where necessary into overlooked concepts, AlgoGroup is building a next generation consumer products company with a portfolio of brands loved by customers worldwide.

Meet Our Global Leadership Team.

We take pride in the strength and diversity of our team, a vibrant tapestry woven from varied backgrounds, experiences, and talents. United by our passion for e-commerce and technology to build the next generation consumer products platform, our team brings together a wealth of expertise to redefine the way brands launch in new markets. 

Chris Fung

CEO & Founder

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Betty Tsang

Founding Team, Brand Growth & Digital Success

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Kendra Bui

Founding Team, Brand Ecosysem & Tech

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Mervin Yong

Founding Team, Digital Success - Europe

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Meet our Advisors.

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Europe Advisor

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Technical Advisor

Come and be a part of shaping the future of brands in the Asia Pacific region with us!

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