Our investments in our infrastructure is what drives our ability to build and add value to our coalition of brands. It is a unique operating model anchored by three pillars.

ecommerce infrastructure

With roots in building and operating e-commerce platforms, AlgoGroup has invested heavily in e-commerce infrastructure. This includes capital intensive and heavily specialized needs such as warehousing, logistics, inventory management, performance marketing, and big-data analytics of consumer preferences. The value proposition to our coalition of brands is the democratized access to this infrastructure, allowing efficient allocation of capital to what we as a group value the most: brand building.

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distribution ecosystem

Carefully curated distribution channels form the heart of the infrastructure we provide to our coalition of brands. We work with, invest in, and build long-lasting relationships with online and offline distribution channels who share our values and help our brands.

data-driven insights

We invest in and maintain proprietary AI-software to collect data and consumer feedback across our e-commerce ecosystem to bring emerging concepts to life. We regularly work with existing brand-partners to co-create brands in an untapped product vertical leveraging the data that we have from our platforms.