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AlgoGroup is a coalition of consumer product brands. Our mission is to ensure each of our brands achieve their full potential by opening access to our unique e-commerce infrastructure, distribution ecosystem, and data-driven insights.

We articulate four core values which contribute to our long-term success.

VALUE one.
brands over products

To us, each of our brands reflects the meticulous attention to detail and quality that we, and our brand partners, focus on when building our products. We are first and foremost investors in and custodians of consumer product brands that are loved by consumers world-wide.

VALUE two.
data driven action

With roots in building and operating a collection of e-commerce platforms, it is in our DNA to use and respond to first-hand access to consumer preferences. We will always let data from consumer preferences drive our decision making process.

VALUE three.
stronger together

AlgoGroup thrives on the collective success of the brands we partner with. Our goal is to light up the consumer products universe by working with and building a coalition of brands which encapsulate our vision. Our mission is, and always will be, to empower brands and the process of brand building. Our work is to constantly democratize access to e-commerce infrastructure, grow our distribution ecosystem, and drive data-driven insights.

VALUE four.
centered on sustainability

At AlgoGroup, we recognize that truly desirable brands can only come from sustainable business. We view growth and corporate social responsibility being directly correlated, and sustainability is a core criteria in our investment thesis.


We acquire meaningful stakes in brands and add value by opening access to our proprietary e-commerce infrastructure, and carefully curated distribution ecosystem.

We wish to be careful custodians of heritage and partners for growth. When we invest in brands, we bring on partners to join our family and ecosystem. If you’ve built a great brand and want to see optimized growth, meet our expert investment team.


Our proprietary AI-software collects data and consumer feedback across our e-commerce ecosystem to bring emerging concepts to life. We regularly work with existing brand-partners to bring their concepts to life in an untapped product vertical leveraging the data that we have from our platforms. These brands are immediately supported by our proprietary e-commerce infrastructure, and carefully curated distribution ecosystem.


We incubate brands by democratizing access to e-commerce infrastructure and provide unique distribution channels obtained via partnerships and brand investments. Brand building does not necessarily need to be an expensive process, and we exist to help brand partners reach the next level.